My camera broke my photo

Freshly returned from a 7 week shoot in Sri Lanka I was with my lady-pal, both prepped and ready for 5 days on the Norfolk Broads with my Mother's proudest earthy possession 'Boatie'.

One major problem had occurred, I was without my DSLR or new instant camera - shock! and/or horror! "This will not do", repeated in my head like the oncoming of a terrible fever.

Alas, I thought, we shall have to remember this holiday with that old, dusty, out-dated thing 'the memory'. I had resigned to my fate, and was trying to get on with life. Fate, it seems, had different ideas.

A quick stop-off at the St.Giles Church fête led me to stumble across this unassuming little fellow: a Canon Sprint and all but for a measly £5...

They warned me about using the camera again, but I couldn’t resist buying another roll of film

I bought myself some B&W (of course) film from the lovely people at Boots and we were off on our adventure, ready to have a wonderful time using the basic-to-say-the-least camera - 36 shots in total...both of us very excited.

I fell in love with the rudimentary functionality of my new companion (camera, not lady), the slight electrical whirr as the zoom charged spoke to me, and promised that we would be good buddies for a long time. I dreamed of fame and success, brought to me via £5 at a local fête - what a story it would be to tell Parky or Woss in the years to come.

Then I took the film to Boots.

Then things took a turn for the worse. 

As it turns out the camera had actually broken the film from it's cartridge and still contained the film (something I realised when I opened the camera again and could see the film wound up in the wrong place). The people at Boots sorted me right out. On a couple of the photos you can see where the film has been re-exposed when I opened the camera a couple of times...I think it looks great!

They warned me about using the camera again but I couldn't resist buying another roll of film, which I did, only to have it chewed up by the camera as I was snapping away at the excellent Digital Revolution exhibition...I really can't risk more precious film and frozen moments being slaughtered by this demon in disguise. The camera shall go in to the memory box to be forgotten, for now at least.

Here are a few of the photos taken by the camera that broke my photo/film/heart - enjoy!

Lady reaching out into the fresh, overcast Norfolk evening sky. You can clearly see the re-exposure here

Ducks, boats, and rainy holidays

Anna taking in the landscape, armed to the teeth with eight pints of Woodfordes wherry

Carribean light two in the background

Angular lines