Instamax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Whilst on shoot in Sri Lanka, I had a long conversation with a colleague about polarioid film, which in combination with and an ever increasing longing to take photographs with something real; tangible; tactile; chemicals make it happen; nothing to do with 1s and 0s, I decided to buy an instant camera.

Of course the next stage was some serious market research. Late night beer fueled trawling through the web - reading everything and anything that anyone had to say about instant film...a minefield to say the least!

After a few nights, some interesting dreams, more conversations with the crew, and some soul searching, my mind was made up. In my search I had come across the new 'instax mini 90 neo classic' which seemed to trump the alternative options, mainly for the fact that It's got loads of cool features to play around with that no other instant camera has - most noticeably a double exposure feature, and a bulb mode.

I bought the camera.

There’s something absolutely amazing about watching a photo develop in front of your eyes (especially if you’re a digital native like myself and haven’t really experienced it before).

I had it delivered to Bristol, and a very helpful colleague brought it out to Sri Lanka for me (he was coming out on shoot anyway). After the initial unboxing and mandatory selfie, it was time for the waiting game...I waited. The reason for this prolonged interim where I only allowed myself 1 shot every 5 days was that I only had 20 shots worth of film, and wanted to take the majority at a wrap party at the end of the shoot

When the big night came, the camera was a lot of fun to use! There's something absolutely amazing about watching a photo develop in front of your eyes (especially if you're a digital native like myself and haven't really experienced it before).

It's going to take some practice to get right - none of the photos I took on the night are necessarily 'keepers' - but the immediacy in combination with the unique creative functions make this camera so much fun to use, it really is the best photo-plaything.

Unfortunately I can't explore it at the moment as I left it in Sri Lanka, but I'm getting it back shortly and I'm really looking forward to playing with my new toy!

a handful of photos from the wrap party, featuring the chistled looks of the crew

double exposure with luke and suranga